Zellij & Tarz Cups Set of 2


Perfect for coffee, tea, or water – our pottery cups adapt to your every drinking need.
Distinguish your cupboard with unique Tarz and Zellij designs; no two cups are exactly alike.
Save space elegantly; our cylindrical cups are designed to fit neatly in any kitchen.
Ideal for coffee, tea, water – a versatile addition to any occasion.

Material : Painted Glazed Clay
Weight: 194g/u.
Volume beverage: 200 ml
Colors: As pictured




Elevate your home’s ambiance with our vibrant, hand-painted beldi cups – a touch of Moroccan elegance. The Tarz design ceramic cups swirl with intricate diamonds and triangles, whispering tales of Moroccan craftsmanship in every sip. Elevate your daily rituals with the bold Zellij design pottery set, where each cup is a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues, framed by dramatic black lines. Perfect for connoisseurs of coffee, tea, or water, these colorful geometric coffee mugs are a marriage of utility and beauty. Don’t just drink; savor every drop from our Moroccan style tea cups that are much more than vessels—they’re a conversation starter. Shop now to own a piece of Fez’s rich ceramic heritage and bring the allure of Moroccan aesthetics to your table!


Q: Are these cups durable for daily use?

A: Absolutely, handcrafted for endurance, ideal daily companions for any beverage.

Q: I’m concerned about the colors fading, will they?

A: Fear not, the high-quality glaze maintains vibrancy wash after wash.

Q: Is each cup truly unique or do they look mass-produced?

A: Every cup boasts a one-of-a-kind design, showcasing authentic artisan craftsmanship.

Q: Aren’t these cups too expensive for daily use?

A: Consider it an investment in durable art enriching your daily rituals.

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