Moroccan Plate Tarza 2


Discover Vibrant Fez Souk Artistry on Your Table!

Adorn your space with vibrant, cultural artistry from Fez Souk.
Own a piece of handcrafted tradition, enhancing your home’s uniqueness.
Serve your favorite meals in style with this exquisite dish.
Experience the ancient medina’s essence right in your dining room.

Material : Painted Galzed Clay (Food-grade and Dishwasher-proof)
Colors: As pictured




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Discover the essence of Moroccan craftsmanship with our Handcrafted Fez Tarza Dish, an exquisite addition to any table setting. Made from glazed painted clay, this vibrant dish is perfect for presenting your favorite dishes, sides, or desserts with elegance. The intricate tarza design, inspired by the historic Fez Souk, features a symphony of geometric figures and a captivating star-like figure at the center, truly a testament to the artistry of Moroccan tarza design dishware. Elevate your dinnerware collection with this authentic Moroccan tarza dish, available now for those who covet traditional yet functional art pieces.


Q: Is the dish durable for daily use?
A: Crafted for longevity, it elegantly withstands regular mealtime usage.

Q: How do I care for the handcrafted dish?
A: Simple maintenance: just gentle cleaning preserves its vibrant artistry.

Q: Will the colors fade over time?
A: The high-quality glaze ensures enduring color vibrance and brilliance.

Q: Is the dish worth the investment?
A: Experience timeless cultural value and functional elegance with every use.

Q: Does the dish have any practical use or just decorative?
A: It’s versatile for both serving food and as a decorative item.

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