Blue Fassi Mug


Embrace artistry from Fez, elevate your home’s cultural vibe.
Own a unique, handcrafted piece, showcasing your distinct taste.
Transform your space with mugs that radiate artisanal charm.
Connect to a rich heritage, with every sip you take.

Material : Painted Glazed Clay
Weight: 244g/u.
Volume beverage: 180 ml
Colors: As pictured



Immerse in the artistry of the FROMFEZ Blue Pottery Mug, a masterpiece that transforms your coffee moments into a cultural rendezvous. Each hand-painted ceramic mug is a unique testament to Fez’s rich heritage, adorned with stylized figures and organic patterns that breathe life into the deep blue ceramic. The ‘FROMFEZ Ceramic Collection’ embraces tradition with a modern twist, making it the perfect artisan ceramic mug gift for those who appreciate decorative beauty and functional artistry. Elevate your daily ritual or delight a loved one by ordering this unique hand-painted coffee mug today, and purchase a piece of history from our exquisite pottery ensemble.


Q: Is the mug truly unique or mass-produced?

A: Each mug is a unique, handcrafted piece with authentic Moroccan flair.

Q: Will the mug’s paint withstand regular use and washing?

A: Our mugs’ hand-painted designs are durable, dishwasher safe, and microwave-friendly.

Q: Isn’t the mug too delicate for everyday use?

A: Crafted from quality Rhassoul clay, our mugs balance beauty with resilience.

Q: Can I really get a custom design that matches my style?

A: Absolutely, our artisans are eager to create a mug that reflects your uniqueness.

Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions, special inquiry  or need more information.


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