Scalloped Salad Bowl Black Tarza


You are missing authenticity! get the Moroccan Salad Bowl!

Elevate your dining elegance with handcrafted Moroccan artistry.
Perfect for salads to seafood, a multipurpose culinary delight.
Own a piece of Fez’s ancient medina’s rich heritage.
Experience lasting durability with our glazed painted clay design.


Material : Painted Glazed Clay
Colors: As pictured





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Discover the opulence of Moroccan craft with our Tarz al Ghorza salad bowl, straight from the ancient Fez Souk. This ceramic salad bowl oval enchants with its glazed black and white elegance, Adorned with Fez Embroidery motifs. Meticulously crafted, this glazed black white bowl is a versatile treasure suitable for salads, seafood dishes, or fruit cocktails, encapsulating both functionality and beauty. Make yours this unique glazed ceramic dish, and bring the exotic vibe of Moroccan pottery right to your table. Order this incomparable piece of the Ancient Medina – a black white patterned bowl that’s more than just a serving item; it’s a discussion starter. Purchase your Tarz al Ghorza clay bowl today to experience dining sophistication!

Q: Is the bowl durable for daily use?
A: Yes, high-quality glaze ensures longevity and resistance to wear.

Q: Will the colors and pattern fade over time?
A: Crafted for permanence, the colors stay vibrant with proper care.

Q: Is this bowl too expensive for its size?
A: Reflects artisanal heritage and quality, offering immense value and elegance.

Q: Can the bowl only be used for specific dishes?
A: Designed for versatility, ideal for a variety of culinary presentations.

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